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CRS Exteriors is East Tennessee’s source of the best in windows and doors. With our many years of experience and knowledge of our products, we strive to match our customers with the products they need, on the budget they have, and with the high-quality service they deserve.

Replacement Windows in Knoxville, TN


With over 50 years of experience, CRS Exteriors improves your East Tennessee homes with new siding, doors, and replacement windows. Offering a full choice of windows and doors, CRS Exteriors brings precision work, decades of experience, and quality products to your East Tennessee home. We understand that buying a home is one of the largest investments you can make, so we pride ourselves on raising the value of your home by improving its energy efficiency and curb appeal with our replacement windows. We feature two brands of windows, offering some of the highest quality windows and the greatest return on your investment available in the market today. Learn more about the benefits of replacement windows.

Increased Home Value

Replacement windows increase your home’s value by about 97% of the cost of the windows.  

Energy Saving

Studies have shown up to 80% of a home’s inefficiency comes from around the windows and doors.

Highest Quality

We sell and install only the highest quality replacement windows available in the marketplace today.

Replacement Window Styles

  CRS Exteriors is proud to offer our customers the industry’s best and most reliable windows from Infinity by Marvin and Provia. Each window style is completely customizable, so you’ll be able to achieve the look and style you’ve been dreaming of!

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Should You Consider Window Replacement?

There are several signals that your windows are deteriorating. These tell-tale signs will help you determine if your windows are in need of replacement:

  • Warm or cool spots near the inside of the window means windows are not adequately insulating the house.
  • Peeling paint on the exterior of the house can be caused by moisture traveling through improperly sealed windows and back out the the exterior. In older homes, exposure to UV rays and temperature extremes may cause exterior frames to expand and contract, causing paint to peel.
  • Condensation, frost and ice buildup may form on the windows when inadequate insulation or poor thermal material allows a too-quick transition from hot to cold air.
  • Outside noise and drafts find their way into the home as insulation around a window deteriorates.
  • Difficulty opening and closing windows from swelling and warping.
  • Shockingly high energy bills

Infinity from Marvin®

A line of fiberglass replacement windows and patio doors designed by the experts at Marvin Windows and Doors. Created for the homeowner who wants low-maintenance, energy efficiency and traditional beauty, all Infinity products offer a complete, installed package to give you a high-quality, hassle-free experience.


Endure, Aspect and Aeris windows come standard with the highest-quality frame and sash designs and the ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing system, a high-tech glass package that measurably improves thermal performance resulting in less heat loss, warmer glass temperatures and reduced interior condensation.

Before & After

After talking to a couple of replacement window companies, and reading numerous youtube reviews, I decided on CRS & their fiberglass Marvin windows. I am amazed at how much they quieted outside noise along with better insulated our home is. Honestly, I heard other customers say similar things, but took it with a grain of salt, so to speak, but it’s true. The windows are fantastic and the CRS installers were top drawer – professional, polite, and excellent to work with. Highly recommend!!

Ray R.

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