Everlast Siding

We’re proud of the products we carry and our siding manufacturers and we proudly stand behind it for life. Everlast Polymeric Cladding is backed by a transferable Lifetime Performance Warranty and Lifetime Fade Protection.

Everlast Siding in Knoxville, TN

Whether you choose Everlast for its beauty, strength, or ease of care, it’s a choice you can make with confidence.

We’re proud of the products we carry and our siding manufacturers and we proudly stand behind it for life. Everlast Polymeric Cladding is backed by a transferable Lifetime Performance Warranty and Lifetime Fade Protection, thanks to our ColorHold® UV-stable acrylic polymer. In addition, Everlast is warranted against hail damage, which your homeowner’s insurance may not cover.

To create a truly unique product that brings a new level of function to exterior cladding, you start where you want to end up–with a long list of performance attributes that the product must meet. Everlast was designed to yield high performance and long-lasting good looks, requiring low maintenance and a minimal environmental impact.

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Everlast Siding Options

Everlast siding improves the look of your home and protects against the elements, providing the perfect blend of natural beauty and rugged construction in a patented design.

4x½ Horizontal Siding
4x½ Horizontal Siding
4x Horizontal Siding
4x⅞ Horizontal Siding
Board & Batten Siding
Board & Batten Siding

Everlast Siding Color Options

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Everlast Siding

Everlast is unlike any other siding you’ve considered, and the moment you see it, you’ll know why.  From the solid, thick plank construction of the siding to the distinctive grain reminiscent of a fresh cut cedar board, Everlast siding provides one of the most natural, realistic looking man-made siding products.

Some of our Everlast siding attributes are:

  • Strength – Solid construction means the siding planks don’t bend or bow, and align perfectly against the outer walls of your home. Unlike other solid siding products, Everlast is lightweight and stackable for easy installation, yet durable enough to withstand fierce wind, scorching summer temperatures and subzero winter temperatures.
  • Beauty – Distinctive trim choices from the Everlast Trim Collection are made from the same polymeric material to ensure a look that perfectly blends with and naturally fits your Everlast cladding – providing you with a beautiful finish.
  • Ease of Care –Ease of care comes naturally with Everlast products. Easy-to-clean warm, low-gloss surface returns to original luster with a simple hose-down; stains like crayon, paint, and oil are removed easily with standard household cleaners (see warranty for complete cleaning instructions).
Environmental Attributes
  • Natural polymeric and inorganic mineral construction
  • No natural wood fibers–won’t absorb or retain moisture that can lead to warping or swelling
  • When cut, no harmful silica dust is created as with some Fiber Cement siding products

Performance Attributes
  • Backed by a Lifetime Performance Warranty, with Lifetime Fade Protection*
  • Will not support combustion
  • Superior wind and impact resistance
Aesthetic Attributes
  • CedarTouch® natural wood grain embossing
  • Warm low gloss finish
  • Deep, rich colors with various matching or contrasting composite or PVC trim board accessory option
  • Low-maintenance-regular cleaning with a garden hose can help to maintain its original luster

*See actual warranty for details.

Technological Attributes
  • Patent-pending formulation
  • Finished with ColorHold® a UV-stable acrylic polymer with excellent fade-resistant properties
  • Profile extruded for superior dimensional strength and stability
  • Everlast is crafted to exacting standards within an ANSI-accredited AAMA Certified facility*

*ANSI = American National Standards Institute

Structural Attributes
  • 2 Profiles; 4-1/2″ and 6-7/8″ Single Clapboard
  • 1/4″ thick Planks, 12′ long
  • Patented design includes EZNail® hammer guide

The Everlast Installation Technicians at CRS Exteriors are true craftsmen with a strong history of customer satisfaction.  Everlast Siding’s features allow for quick and easy installation, something that saves time and money over competitive cladding products.