At a time when everyone claims to be number one, it’s reassuring to know that in the residential replacement window marketplace, there really is a window manufacturer that has been rated number one by the nation’s leading consumer rating agency, and not without good reason. To understand why Infinity replacement windows from Marvin are rated number one, you need to look no further than Marvin’s Ultrex® fiberglass.

Infinity replacement windows and doors from Marvin are made from Ultrex® fiberglass, a material so strong and durable that it’s rated superior to all other materials used to construct windows. Best of all, this makes Infinity products virtually maintenance-free.

Marvin’s pultruded process begins with strong cables of glass that are saturated with specially compounded resins and formed into a remarkably durable material that outlasts and outperforms all other window materials.

Advantages of Ultrex® fiberglass:
• Ultrex® fiberglass is as strong as low carbon steel and 8x stronger than vinyl.
• Ultrex® fiberglass windows have a 38% longer useful life expectancy than vinyl windows.
• Ultrex® fiberglass windows resist the damages of cold, heat, time, and pressure to provide the most worry-free windows and doors available today.
• Ultrex® fiberglass has a low thermal expansion rate, which keeps the window stable and weather-tight, reducing the risk of seal failures and air leakage into your home.
• Compared to vinyl windows, which can distort, streak, and crack in fluctuating temperatures, Infinity products offer the highest level of performance available today and are virtually maintenance-free.

If you’re tired of high-maintenance windows that are difficult to open and crack, swell, warp, and discolor, then discover the Ultrex® fiberglass difference that Infinity windows from Marvin can make for your home. Infinity windows from Marvin offer homeowners an acrylic finish, which is three times thicker than competitors’ finish and one that keeps your windows looking new longer, virtually eliminating maintenance. They resist discoloration, warping, rotting, corrosion, denting, rust, and will never require sanding, scraping, or painting.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows and doors for your home and are unwilling to compromise on quality and value, then insist on Infinity windows from Marvin and discover for yourself just why America’s premier consumer rating agency rated Infinity number one. For your exclusive Infinity from Marvin dealer in Knoxville and the surrounding areas, visit CRS Exteriors at 10527 Kingston Pike, on the web at, or call 865-670-8823.