It’s that time of year when we all like to make plans for bettering our lives, and hopefully that includes the personal place you get to go to relax, spend time with family and possibly even work… your home! Winter is a great time to find, plan and prepare for the renovations that need to happen. Why not make 2014 the year to commit to those exterior home improvements and renovations that are on your list?

No matter what renovation challenges your home faces, our products are top-of-the-line and offer a great amount of customization. Whether it’s a new entry door, energy-efficient replacement windows, maintenance-free siding, patio doors or a sunroom, our professional and experienced installers at CRS Exteriors are ready to help tackle your list and make your home more beautiful, valuable and comfortable in 2014.

Here is our list of home resolutions for 2014… or any year for that matter!

Home Resolution #1: Free-Up Your Free-Time

After a busy work week, make sure your weekends are free from enormous and complicated DIY renovations by hiring professional and experienced installers. Some tasks are worth handing off to someone else in order to make sure the job is done right, is within warranty and enables you to relax and/or spend time with family and friends.

Home Resolution #2: Increase Curb Appeal

The number one way to increase a home’s value is to increase its curb appeal. If your home is or is going to be on the market, make sure you catch potential buyers’ eyes at the initial drive-by. Things like landscaping, pressure-washing, clean gutters, and fresh mulch can be quick projects, but if you really want to give your home a serious makeover and increase its value, consider new siding, a new entry door, replacement windows, a new garage door and possibly even a wood deck… all of which recoup around 75% of your investment in a sale.

Home Resolution #3: Opt for Maintenance-Free

Many of us don’t have the time or energy to strip peeling paint and then repaint window frames and home siding every 3-5 years, or in some cases, each year. If your home’s exteriors require constant maintenance year after year, consider replacement windows and new siding products that are designed to be maintenance-free. You will love how they maintain their beauty throughout the years while still providing excellent performance.

Home Resolution #4 Create Enjoyable Spaces that Experience Nature

Whether you update your interiors or create comfortable living temperatures with more energy-efficient solutions, make sure your home has a great personal or social space for gatherings with family and friends. Patio doors link the indoors with the outdoors for great parties during the warmer months and sunrooms allow you to experience the outdoors and the benefits of natural light without the effects of the elements… especially allergies! If you live in a particularly serene and beautiful location, make sure your home’s windows provide optimum viewing space, effectively bringing the views you love “into” your home.

Home Resolution #5: Go “Green” at Home

Start with the simple things like switching to LED or CDF bulbs, turning off the water between soaping dishes, taking shorter showers, unplugging appliances when they’re not in use, recycling and finding ways to reuse things. Solar technology has become one of the top wishes for renovation projects and there is a growing community of people trying to live off-the-grid from non-renewable energy sources. When it comes to your home renovations, especially the exteriors, think about the long-term savings for your wallet and the earth’s resources. The most energy-efficient home renovations eventually pay for themselves, require less energy output from your heating and cooling systems, increase the value of your home and will make you feel great about your investment. Look for LEED certified products to help you know which products are at the highest level of environmentally responsible building (more and more are meeting this new standard everyday).