CRS Exteriors is proud to provide a wide range of different options for your home siding and we’d like to take the opportunity to go into more detail about one of our siding manufacturers – Everlast.  Everlast™ siding gives your home the look of wood, but with added benefits. Commonly mistaken for actual wood clapboard, the beautifully embossed woodgrain texture of Everlast™ composite siding looks so realistic because it is made from impressions of real cedar siding. Looking as close to real wood as possible is something many other siding choices, especially vinyl, just can’t do.

Made from over 60% stone, Everlast™ siding has no wood fibers and won’t rot. This means no water absorption or pests; unlike fiber cement and other wood based siding, which absorb water and can lead to rot and peeling paint. Wood doesn’t hold paint or stain longer than 3-5 years, so you really save money and precious time and energy with an exterior product like Everlast™.

Everlast™ siding is paint-free, but colored all the way through. Unlike fiber cement, this embedded color won’t need painting unless you decide to change the color. You can rest assured knowing the color will remain true, won’t break down or need re-applying in the case of minor scratches, dents or flying debris.

Thick, stacking planks easily interlock with the piece right below to lay flat and stand up against high winds, and unlike other solid siding products, Everlast™ is lightweight.  Durable enough to withstand fierce wind, scorching summer temperatures and subzero winter temperatures, the 1/4” thick solid construction means your house is protected from flying debris and high winds and is 543% thicker than vinyl siding, which is flimsy, brittle and cracks easily. These thick planks also help give it the appearance of real wood clapboard and come in 4.5” and 7” exposures. Everlast™ siding spares the homeowner of unsightly seams by butt joining and not overlapping planks, like vinyl siding, creating another way to achieve a look much closer to real wood.

Low maintenance and easy-to-clean, the low-gloss surface of Everlast™ siding returns to its original luster with a simple hose-down and stains like crayon, paint and oil are removed easily with standard household cleaners (see warranty for complete cleaning instructions).

Remove the worry of bugs, woodpeckers, moisture and maintenance with an elegant and high quality product that looks just like wood. Whether you choose Everlast™ for its beauty, strength or ease of care, it’s a choice you can make with confidence.

So if you’re interested in improving the look of your home in 2014, you may want to consider Everlast siding for your home.  Call one of our offices in Knoxville or Chattanooga for a free estimate.