Vista Window Company has taken the IG unit (Insulated Glass Unit) to new levels by combining the right technologies into several different glass packages. This “family” of glass configurations constitutes a Glass System. We call it the Seal Smart Glass Systems or the Seal Smart “Family” of glass.

Vista’s 9 Seal Smart Glass Systems

The energy efficiency of your window depends heavily on the glass system that you choose. Each system has its own characteristics and knowing the performance options that are available will provide every homeowner with the ability to choose what is best for their location, application and budget.  All Seal Smart glass packages are constructed using a full I” overall Insulated Glass unit thickness.

Seal Smart: The most basic of insulated glass. Comprised of two pieces of clear glass with the space between the glass filled with air. Includes Intercept®Spacer.

Seal Smart Plus: Includes one piece of clear glass paired with one piece of Low-E glass with the space between filled with Argon gas. Includes Intercept®Spacer.

Seal Smart Triad A: This triple glass technology uses two panes of clear glass and one pane of Low-E glass creating two spaces in between that are filled with Argon gas.  Includes Super Spacer®.

Seal Smart Triad 7: Utilizes two panes of Low-E glass and one pane of clear glass with Argon filling both spaces. Includes Super Spacer®.

Seal Smart Extreme: Living up to its name, this triple pane setup includes two panes of Low-E glass and one pane of clear glass, but both spaces are filled with Krypton, for extreme insulation. Includes Super Spacer®.

Low-E₃: These glass systems build upon the basic systems above, but switch out the basic Low-E with the Low-E3 glass. This provides these systems with the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings.

Low-E₃ Glass Systems

Low-E₃ has been specially formulated to reject the sun’s heat without affecting the view, delivering the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility by adding a third layer of Low-E silver coating. This third layer results in a clear coating that blocks even more solar gain, reflects heat and lets light stream in with a minimum of exterior reflection and outperforms the tinted glass often used in warm climates.

Low-E₃ lets more light in and keeps more heat out, therefore, keeping the inside pane warmer in the winter, allowing the relative humidity of the indoor air to be controlled and maintained properly. Low-E3 also provides excellent fading protection, blocking 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.