window replacedLike all things in our homes, eventually your windows will need to be replaced. The question is: when should you replace your windows? We are here to help you find the answer to that question! Knowing when you should replace your windows isn’t always as clear as what it may seem. There are many other questions to be answered before we can find the solution to your question ‘when should you replace your windows?’. So let’s begin with “how old is your home?” If your home is 15 years or older, now is a great time to check to see how well your windows are operating. For example, is it easy or hard to open your windows? Are you constantly finding built up moisture on the inside of your windows? These next questions will help you to determine if your windows should be replaced. CRS Exteriors is here to the rescue in guiding you through the process of replacement windows for your home!


Does your home seem noisy?

window replacedDo you happen to live near a busy intersection, near the interstate, next to train tracks, close to the airport? How often to hear too much of what’s going on outside? If outside noise is a frequent concern in your home, you might want to consider dual-pane replacement windows to reduce the noise coming through from the outside. Who wouldn’t want more peace & quiet around their home?! Many homeowners are surprised by how effective this simple solution can make on noise reduction.

Are your windows leaking water or air in the winter and summer months?window

This is a great indicator that you should replace your windows. The point of windows is to protect the inside of your home from the outside elements. Old windows that cause water leakage can lead to more serious problems such as mold and mildew. Also, windows that are allowing air to leak in and out and is a huge burden on your energy bills. CRS Exteriors recommends a replacement window with low-E glass for significant energy bill savings year round. In fact, the cost of replacement windows will basically pay for themselves with your energy bill savings.

How easy is it for you to open/close your windows?

window replacedDo you keep your windows closed because it’s just too much of a hassle to open them and get the closed back again? If you answered yes, then you have a serious problem. What would you and your family do if there was a fire and you can’t open your windows? This reason alone is why you should replace your windows. Not only is this a serious hazard, but you are also preventing yourself from enjoying the outdoor fresh air when the weather is nice!