Windows bring life into a home. They are responsible for light, warmth, views, and even bring an element of beauty. Every room in your home can benefit from windows that make a statement. In this article, you’ll learn how your home’s windows can influence the overall look and feel of your space.

Windows are the key to a home that’s filled with natural light. The more windows and light that’s let into our home, the more we flourish – humans need light, much like plants. Make sure you’re picking out windows that emphasize this and not only will your home benefit, but your mood will, as well.

It’s also important to pick windows that go well with each room. Certain spaces will benefit from clearstory windows high above the ground, while smaller rooms will benefit from natural light and views that have a lower sill height to the floor. Choosing the right window for your room will tie it together seamlessly and beautifully.

Think about the views from inside your home. If you were to take a picture of the scenery around your home and hang it on a wall, what view would you choose? Essentially, that’s the purpose a window should serve – as a camera for your home, a way to bring in your surroundings. Bring in that beautiful forest view where bluebirds and deer roam around early in the morning while you’re sipping coffee. There isn’t a better way to start the day.

With that being said, consider placing windows around the physical position of your home. Take into consideration where the sun will sit in the mornings. Think about how the temperature and seasonality will affect your home and how windows play into these factors. Planning ahead can help you maximize the windows you choose and how they’ll benefit your home.

Have fun with your windows and play with shapes and sizes to make them more visually appealing. There are lots of different varieties to choose from, and there’s no harm in experimenting with new designs. Choose windows like you’d choose a new piece of artwork. Make sure they coincide with your taste and personality. Doing some research can really broaden your horizons, and the payoff for your home can be incredible!