We all love our home’s windows. Our home’s windows’ provide us with light, warmth, ventilation, and views of the outside. However, sometimes our windows can affect our home’s energy efficiency negatively. Some studies have shown up to 80% of a home’s inefficiency comes from around the windows and doors. By improving your home’s window energy efficiency, you could save a TON on energy bills. Most people will save 35% of their heating and cooling costs by replacing single pane aluminum windows and sliding doors with energy efficient fiberglass windows and doors.

Heating and cooling are found to be anywhere from 50-75% of energy bill costs. Assuming that heating and cooling costs account for 60% of your total energy bills each year and your average utility bills are $250 a month, that’s $3000 a year in utility bills. 60% of $3,000 is $1,800.00 for yearly heating and cooling costs alone. By saving 35% with replacement windows, you can expect your windows to save you about $630 dollars a year. If you plan on staying in your home 5 years after replacing the windows, that’s a savings of $3,150.00.

When it comes to choosing which energy efficient windows are best for your home, we, at CRS Exteriors, can help! New energy efficient windows will eventually pay for themselves through lower electric bills. Besides the money saved, replacing your windows are the greenest home improvement you can make. Replacing your windows actually saves more energy than recycling, fluorescent bulbs and ceiling fans combined!

Infinity from Marvin® is a line of fiberglass replacement windows and patio doors designed by the experts at Marvin Windows and Doors. Created for the homeowner who wants low-maintenance, beautiful and energy efficient windows, all Infinity products are sold by local window replacement experts, like us at CRS Exteriors, as a complete, installed package to provide you with a high-quality, hassle-free experience.

Seal Smart™ – Windows made by Vista Window Company using Seal Smart™ insulating glass, can not only save you significant money on energy costs, but their warm edge design helps to make your home feel more comfortable too.

We are a hands-on company that’s involved in every aspect of your home improvement project. We will give you peace of mind during the entire process by providing top-shelf professional installers that will complete the job in a professional and timely manner. We have great confidence in not only our products, but the professionals we have installing those products. Our work and materials are backed by the best warranties in the industry and should a warranty or service issue ever arise, we will be there for you.