Most people sitting at home with runny noses, itchy watery eyes and itchy skin would assume they are having these reactions from being outdoors earlier in the day. This may be true to some extent but there may also be other variables involved such as windows.

Allergies and drafty windows have more in common than homeowners are aware of. Most of the materials from which today’s windows are made leave the window company very little choice but to manufacture a drafty, allergenic window. Take, for instance, PVC material, which stands for poly-vinyl chlorine; this material is what the frame of a vinyl window is constructed from. It alone out-gasses an allergic irritant known as formaldehyde, that more than 20% of the American population has allergic reactions to. Throw in the fact this material expands and contracts at tremendous rates, forcing the window company to machine this window at loose tolerances, allowing for the expansion and contraction. Vinyl windows also have a lot flat surfaces which leaves an interstate of gaps at all the meeting rails and jambs for wind and allergens to pass through.

The surest way to correct these problems is with the Infinity from Marvin custom replacement window, made from the state-of-the-art material – Ultrex fiberglass. Infinity from Marvin has an OSHA health rating of zero which means it does not outgas nor does it have any toxins in it. Another advantage to the Infinity window is the expansion and contraction of this material is virtually nonexistent, so it can be machined to tighter tolerances and it also has no flat surfaces at the jamb liner and meeting rails. The surfaces are concave and fit snuggly into a bulb sill at the jamb. So not only do you have a nontoxic window you also get the benefits of having them most draft free window on the market today.

Now imagine you can sit in the comforts of home without having to take that extra allergy medication and actually watch your favorite episode of Bonanza without having to scratch and wipe your eyes. Couple that with the energy savings of the Infinity from Marvin window and the monies saved on medication you might actually get a quicker return on your investment than you realize. To get started on having a more comfortable living environment contact CRS Exteriors, the exclusive window replacement specialist for the Infinity from Marvin Windows. Experience a no hassle, noninvasive home improvement project from an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner and the number one Infinity dealer in the country.