Seasonal Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Exterior Windows, Siding, & Doors

Keeping the exterior of your home in excellent condition boosts curb appeal and ensures your property remains safe and efficient throughout the year. Each Tennessee season brings different challenges for maintaining your windows, doors, and siding, but you can be prepared with this quick guide from CRS Exteriors!

exterior image featuring Infinity Double Hung Windows in Bronze

Spring: Inspection & Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time for an exterior inspection as the weather begins to warm up. Start with a thorough cleaning of windows and doors. Use a mild soapy solution to remove winter grime from glass surfaces and frames. Check for any signs of damage like cracks or warping. For siding, gently wash with a low-pressure hose and specialized cleaner to prevent damage to the material. Look for any loose or cracked pieces that may have been affected by winter’s harsh conditions.

exterior image featuring infinity casement windows and an infinity picture window in bahama brown

Summer: Repair & Upgrade

Summer offers ideal conditions for repair work or upgrades due to the generally dry weather, so you can start by inspecting your doors and windows for leaks or drafts. If it’s time for replacement windows, call CRS Exteriors for a free estimate on our customizable window options! For siding, ensure that all boards are securely attached and consider repainting or staining if the color has faded or if protection against moisture is needed. This is also a good time to check that your windows and doors are functioning correctly, without sticking or squeaking, as this can affect security and energy efficiency.

exterior fall front image of a red brick home featuring Infinity Double Hung Windows in Ebony

Fall: Preparation for the Cold

We all know Tennessee winters can range from mild to freezing, so it’s best to take time during autumn to prepare your home for the colder elements. Check the seals around windows and doors again, replacing any that have deteriorated during the summer. Clear out gutters and downspouts to prevent water buildup that could lead to damage during winter freezes. For siding, inspect for any gaps and fill them to keep heat in and pests out.

If you’re interested in ensuring your home stays extra warm, contact CRS Exteriors to discuss new windows and doors that will beautifully improve your home’s exterior, while protecting your loved ones in the interior.

interior living room image of Willow Green house in winter located featuring Infinity Double Hung Windows with standard Grilles Between the Glass in Stone White interior finish with Infinity White hardware.png

Winter: Regular Checks and Quick Fixes

During the winter, keep an eye on your home’s exterior for any ice buildup, removing it from the eaves and windowsills to prevent water damage. Check the functionality of exterior doors, especially entryways, to ensure they close securely against harsh winter winds. It’s also wise to keep paths clear of ice and snow to prevent both slips/falls and water exposure to siding and foundation elements.

You’ll extend the life of your home’s exterior components and improve its energy efficiency and appearance by following these seasonal maintenance tips! And remember: no matter what time of the year it is, CRS Exteriors is here to ensure you have top-quality windows, doors, and siding for your home in Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga, and surrounding areas.

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