Benefits of a Sunroom

sunroomsHomeowners who invest in a sunroom addition are never disappointed. This invest to your home will add so many benefits. The benefits of a sunroom are almost endless. We promise it will be your new favorite part of your home. Compared to basement remodels or garage additions, sunrooms are an extra space to your home that is affordable. Sunrooms are the most affordable way to add extra space to your home while increasing its overall value. Sunroom additions ranked in the top seven home improvement projects. Check out the benefits of a sunroom for your home:

sunroomsTurn your sunroom into a space you will use and love such as a breakfast area, playroom, game room, exercise room, great for entertaining, and a perfect spot for your pets and plants to get a taste of the outdoors while enjoying the comforts of the inside year round. A sunroom also makes a great space for a home office. You will get a lot more accomplished, if working from home, surrounded by a beautiful outdoor environment.

But did you also know? Natural sunlight and fresh air are proven stress relievers. This is probably the main reason why most homeowners agree that their sunroom is their favorite spot of their house. During the winter months, clinical studies have shown that natural light can offset those “winter blues”.


Another benefit of a sunroom is that light and warmth from the sun naturally light and heat that part of your home thus saving you money on energy bills each year, especially in the winter time.


CRS Exteriors is well-versed in sunroom installation and we offer a complimentary consultation which will let the homeowner know if their home is a good candidate for a sunroom. Space is essential for getting a sunroom, and most homes feature a backyard that is the perfect location. Our sunrooms are an asset to any East Tennessee home; stop by one of our showrooms in Knoxville or Chattanooga to learn more.