Wood Options, Ideal Finishes, and Elegant Hardware

The Marvin Difference of Marvin windows is focused on building windows the way the should be built: around you and with the best materials. As we finish up the materials section of our Marvin Difference blog series, we had to give some attention to the wood options, finishes, and hardware options, all of which provide the finishing touches to these amazing and well-performing windows. Make sure to stop by one of our CRS Exterior showrooms (Knoxville, TN and Chattanooga, TN) to see the best examples of wood options, finishes, and hardware options. We would love to help you sort through the variety of great, real-life samples that are available to you from Marvin windows.

Wood Options:

With Marvin’s wood frames, you not only get long lasting, energy efficient, and highly insulated windows, but you also get a window that easily complements any project or design. From cottage style homes to modern and eclectic homes, Marvin’s windows will complement and highlight your home’s style. It’s important to note that some wood species are not suitable for exterior use and are only available on clad-wood windows.

Marvin windows use high-quality wood options as a standard and include: Pine, Douglas Fir, White Oak, Cherry, and many more. (Cherry, White Oak, Douglas Fir, and Cedro Macho woods are not available for exterior use. Vertical Grain Douglas Fir and Mahogany are not available on factory-applied prime units.) All species of wood are either available FSC® certified or SFI® certified (all species, except tropical hardwoods, are available SFI® certified).

If you’re looking for speciality wood for your new or replacement windows, the Marvin Signature line offers speciality wood options that create one-of-a-kind looks. Choose from a variety of distinctive wood species, each of which have their own unique color, character, and grain. These woods are specially selected to have the high quality, beauty, and durability that is characteristic of Marvin products. Like the standard wood options, all speciality wood options are available FSC certified or SFI certified. Marvin’s speciality wood is sourced from properly managed forests with a continual source of wood.


Ideal Interior Finishes

Marvin windows contain a factory-applied finish, which means your windows are ready to install the day the arrive. No longer will you need to take a full weekend (or more) to stain your windows. Plus, you get to avoid the fumes and messes that are traditionally associated with staining windows. Marvin does the work for you, so that you have more time to enjoy your new windows.


What makes Marvin’s factory-applied finishes ideal and better than the competition is their unique, proprietary, multi-step, and integrated conditioning and staining process, which begins before the window is even assembled. Before assembly, every single piece of wood receives even coats of conditioning and stain, two coats of clear finish, is sanded, and then baked twice in an oven. In the case of primed and painted windows, a coat of primer and a separate coat of paint are applied to each piece of wood before assembly. This process creates the best, most consistent, durable, and high-quality finish that brings out the natural beauty, texture, and grain of the wood. Marvin’s interior finishes and stain options include honey, wheat, hazelnut, cabernet, espresso, leather, painted, primed, and clear coat (custom colors are available). Additionally, the interior finishes are available on all wood species.

Whether you want a stain, clear coat, or a primed and painted window, your Marvin windows will support green practices, as Marvin is fully committed to lowering environmental costs and implementing green practices. Marvin’s initiatives include destroying 95% of VOCs, no VHAPs, receiving WDMA certification and meeting TM-1409 requirements.

Elegant Hardware

Marvin’s durable and elegant hardware is engineered to work seamlessly with their windows. With a variety of available finishes, you will be able to find the perfect hardware for your design, home, and style. Satin, brass, antiqued, and oil rubbed options in taupe, white, nickel, chrome, brass, and bronze will give you endless options. For distinctive designs and custom projects, the Marvin Architectural Hardware series offers designer handles and unique architectural styles to complete any design idea.