Window Treatment Trends

Summer is the perfect time for redecorating! Windows are a unique part of your home and home décor. Make your windows the focal point of any room in the house with these latest window treatment trends! Get rid of boring, outdated window treatments and update any space with the newest trends in fabric/materials, colors, patterns and more!

Natural Elements

If you’re into being eco-friendly, we recommend natural elements and organic materials that will bring the comfort of the outdoors inside. Nature-inspired materials and designs have evolved from a trend to a lifestyle. Bamboo, matchstick blinds, natural woven shades, and wood paneled blinds create an earthy living space that gives your home a simple touch of elegance. These natural style window treatments come in various shades and colors!

Lovely Yellow

Yellow in any shade, tone, or hue will instantly brighten not only a room, but your mood! The color yellow is the most luminous of all the colors in the spectrum. It captures your attention and will make your windows POP in any space. It’s the perfect color for Spring and Summer, reminding us of sunshine, warmth, and flowers. It is the color of happiness and will provide an optimistic outlook in your home.

Fun Patterns

Create a more dramatic focal point in your living space with the use of fun patterns! It will provide an instant focus to your windows and the outdoors. Geometric patterns are what is trending but pick any type of pattern you like to match your décor such as a floral or abstract pattern. A fun pattern can make any room go from boring to magical. Mix and match patterns with your window treatments to create an even more trendy look!

Jewel Tones

For a bold look, we suggest using jewel tones such as amethyst, turquoise, emerald or topaz. It will add that jazz of color you are looking for to make a statement. The rich, deep colors of jewel tones added to your window treatment will provide a nice contrast to the outside light coming through and creates a feeling of warmth during the evening. This window treatment trend is perfect for any season!