When it comes to home improvement projects, such as replacing your windows, we as homeowners sometimes end up making the decision more confusing than it needs to be.  I have visited many homeowners who have had seven, eight, nine, or more different replacement window companies out to look at their project.  Generally, when you have interviewed this many companies, you have gathered more than enough information to create a great deal of confusion, making your decision even more difficult.

When selecting a company to handle your home improvement needs, there are three important pieces of information that you as a homeowner need to know:

  1. Is this company certified by the manufacturer whose products you’re purchasing?
  2. How long has the manufacturer been doing business?
  3. How long has the company you’re considering been doing business, and will they provide references?

Marin Windows is a century-old, family owned business that has introduced Infinity from Marvin as the custom replacement division of the Marvin family of windows.  CRS Exteriors is the certified installation company for the Infinity window from Marvin, and the benefit to you as a homeowner is that any issues you may have with your window project is handled directly by CRS Exteriors and no one else.  It’s important for you to choose companies that have a longstanding history of installing quality products, because they are more likely to remain in business long into the future when others may not.

Many window replacement companies are no more than retail stores selling windows, using subcontractors that are not necessarily certified to install your windows.  Should an issue with the window occur, and it is determined that the problem is due to improper installation, then the finger pointing begins, and that can create a big headache.

That is not the case with CRS Exteriors and Infinity from Marvin Windows.  CRS Exteriors will roll out the “red carpet treatment” for you.  We literally use red carpet drop cloths inside your home to keep any debris created by the installation from ever hitting your floor.  Also, if an issue occurs with your window, you only have to call CRS Exteriors for your answer.

So if you want to experience the “red carpet treatment” from the number one Infinity dealer in the country, call CRS Exteriors at 865-670-8823 or visit www.crsexteriors.com.  Also, please don’t hesitate to ask for references.