CRS Exteriors and Infinity from Marvin have introduced to the home improvement market quite possibly the closest thing to a forever material there is available to make a window frame with: Ultrex. Ultrex is a brand name given this pultruded fiberglass material by Infinity from Marvin. The fact that it is a pultruded material rather than a layered fiberglass is what gives it the structural integrity that makes it stronger and superior to other fiberglass materials.

Ultrex is second to none when comparing it to other window framing materials. It will outperform and outlast materials such as vinyl, aluminum, wood, wood vinyl composites, and aluminum clad wood. Couple this with the fact that it may be the most environmentally friendly window as well and you have the closest thing to a perfect material available. This material’s basic component is silicon sand. It takes 39% less embodied energy to manufacture than vinyl, it’s non-toxic, it can be recycled, and the best thing about it is that we do not have to cut one single tree to make it.

Some windows are known to give off a toxic form of irritant known as formaldehyde, which may cause temporary irritation of skin, eyes, or to the respiratory system. This is not the case with the Infinity from Marvin window. There are no toxins present, and we can leave our trees for our children to enjoy. What else could you ask for in providing a quality window? Oh, did I mention very energy efficient, never having to sand, scrape, or paint again, along with having the beautiful appearance of a wood window? Now what else could you ask for?

You say professionally installed? Well, call CRS Exteriors.  Marvin, which has been a family owned business since 1912 and has a well-earned reputation for both quality and innovation, has chosen CRS Exteriors as the exclusive window replacement specialist from Chattanooga to Bristol. So if you have an interest in replacing your windows or doors and want to experience it with a company that shares the same values as Marvin, call CRS Exteriors. Let us show you why we have become a super service award winner on Angie’s List and the number one Infinity from Marvin dealer in the country.