Finding Your Sunroom Style

Sunrooms are a popular addition to homes because they extend the living area, providing extra functionality to the home. Most homeowners that feel they are cramped by the sizes of their home’s living spaces opt to add on a sunroom, not only because they provide extra space and sunlight, but also because sunrooms also give people that enjoy the outdoors another way to enjoy fresh air in any season or weather conditions.

Most sunrooms are built in one of two ways: Cathedral and Studio. Each style of architecture gives the room a different look and feel, which not only adds to the character of the new living space but can be customized to fit seamlessly with the look of your home and the personality and lifestyle of your family.


Cathedral Sunrooms

Cathedral-style sunrooms add additional light, wider views, and a roofline that more closely resembles that of your home. To add extra character and consistency in design and appearance, the roof can even be shingled to look as though it were originally part of your home

Studio Sunrooms

Single-sloped roof studio-style sunrooms complement the architecture of most homes and are perfect as garden rooms, additional living space for the family, or even just as an enclosed patio that can be enjoyed year-round!



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