Your home says a lot about you, and it should! Your home is where you spend time with your loved ones, where your family grows and where memories are made. Your home should last a lifetime… sometimes it just needs a little help!

While replacing your home’s windows and doors are essential projects that will better keep your home up-to-date and in great condition, you may not know that the materials you choose for your windows and doors will have impacts far into the future. Marvin’s Infinity windows and doors are made with their own patented pultruded fiberglass material with an acrylic finish, known as Ultrex. This material and process makes their high-performance windows and doors able to endure the heat, cold, wind and rain without wearing out and with little to no maintenance requirement!

Ultrex is highly durable, with a 38% longer useful life expectancy than the regular vinyl materials that are in most windows and doors. Fiberglass is 8 times stronger than vinyl, with one square inch able to support up to 41,000 pounds! One elephant? No problem!

Ultrex also has very low thermal expansion rates.. in fact, 87% less expansion than other vinyl materials! Because Ultrex expands at virtually the same rate as glass, it maintains a tight seal and is resistant to leaks and stress cracks. This ensures that the energy efficiency and long-term performance of your windows is never compromised.

Ultrex also prides itself on a stylish appearance and finish that lasts. Even with dark colors, Ultrex’ acrylic capping is a finish that won’t increase heat loads or UV degradation, being three times thicker than your average paint finish. Even so, it is 100% paintable to match your home’s personality and style.

The patented Ultrex fiberglass material also has state-of-the-art energy saving capabilities, which makes the lower energy bills as attractive as the windows and doors themselves! With a special design that pulls heat in through the colder months and deflects heat in the warmer months, these windows are built for any season.

Your window and door choice affects a lot of things: your energy efficiency, the security of your home and even the quality of your life! The facts are simple… Infinity windows and doors are truly Built for Life.