Energy prices are continuously rising, and for homeowners, that means even more money going into utility bills. If your home is wasting energy, you can’t afford to ignore it. Experts estimate that air leakage accounts for up to 30% of heating and cooling expenses, and for an average-sized home, that can add up quickly. If you are ready to combat the rising cost of your home energy consumption, and energy evaluation should be in your future.

A home energy evaluation (also known as an energy or home audit) is beneficial for old and new houses and helps homeowners determine how and where a house is wasting energy and if the home’s heating, cooling, and electrical systems are efficient. You may not be aware your home is losing energy or where the problems exist, but an energy evaluation makes it easy to pinpoint problem areas and therefore, begin to focus on resolving the energy loss. Homes that are uncomfortable, drafty, continuously running heating and cooling units, or have high energy bills and/or various issues with windows (drafty, warped, condensation, etc.), are good candidates for a home energy evaluation. Home energy evaluations are also a great way to make sure that your home is as environmentally sound as you are environmentally conscious.

A professional home energy audit is the best and most thorough way to determine where and how your home is losing energy and the best ways to save.  At CRS Exteriors, our professional home energy evaluation team provides a detailed audit with tools and tests, like blower doors, infrared cameras, efficiency meters, and surface thermometers. Our evaluation focuses on common leak locations, including window frames, doorways, walls, fireplace dampers, electrical outlets, mounted air-conditioning units, plumbing fixtures, and attic hatches. We want to help you find and resolve air leaks, thereby reducing your energy consumption and dependence.

Resolving home energy waste issues can lead to a more comfortable home, lower energy bills, improved air quality, and among other benefits, a sense of helping the environment.  Investing in energy efficiency has instant and long-term gratification and success. The best part is that our home energy evaluations are free and if you come by our Showrooms or Home Show booths and register for an in-home energy evaluation, you’ll automatically qualify to win a $5000 home improvement project in our 2014 Home Improvement Giveaway drawing! We just announced our 2013 winners, Jack and Gail of Ooltewah, Tennessee, and we are thrilled to help them with their exterior home improvement projects!